The sections of this article are:
1- Everything from good and bad that happens to us is determined by
Allah Almighty.
2- Remember the story of Prophet Job peace be upon him.
3- The reward might not always be in this life. Some rewards are granted
at the Day of Judgement.
4- My personal Islamic advise.
5- Conclusion.

Sometimes a Muslim wonders and says to him/herself: "How come I am a devoted Servant to Allah Almighty, I do everything that pleased Him, I do all of the things that He commands me, and I still suffer in life?"
These are fair questions. It is important for every Muslim to know that Allah Almighty determines everything for us for a Wisdom and reasons only Him the Almighty knows:
"Say: 'Nothing will happen to us except what God has decreed for us: He is our protector': and on God let the Believers put their trust. (The Noble Quran, 9:51)"
"Say: 'I have no power Over any harm or profit To myself except as Allah Willeth. To every People Is a term appointed: When their term is reached, Not an hour can they cause Delay, nor (an hour) can they Advance (it in anticipation).' (The Noble Quran, 10:49)"
"(Their bearings) on This life and the Hereafter. They ask thee Concerning orphans. Say: 'The best thing to do Is what is for their good; If ye mix Their affairs with yours, They are your brethren; But Allah knows The man who means mischief From the man who means good. And if Allah had wished, He could have put you Into difficulties: he is indeed Exalted in Power, Wise. (The Noble Quran, 2:220)"
In the above Noble Verses, we clearly see that Allah Almighty decides for us what to have and not have in life. He might chose to put you in a very difficult situation for a very long time; so difficult that it is bad enough to cause a believer to lose his faith in Allah Almighty. You have to always remember Allah Almighty knows your agony, and He knows that you are sincere. You must stay together and never lose faith, and you must always be patient and seek Allah Almighty in Prayer (whether during the five-daily prayers or in wishing and asking):
"And be steadfast in patience: For verily Allah will not suffer The reward of the righteous To perish. (The Noble Quran, 11:115)"
"Nay, seek (Allah's) help With patient perseverance And prayer: It is indeed hard, except To those who bring a lowly spirit -- Who bear in mind the certainty That they are to meet their Lord, And that they are to return to Him. (The Noble Quran, 2:45-46)"
"O ye who believe! seek help With patient Perseverance And Prayer: for Allah is with those Who patiently preserve. (The Noble Quran, 2:153)"
"It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces Towards east or West; but it is righteousness- to believe in God and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Messengers; to spend of your substance, out of love for Him, for your kin, for orphans, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for the ransom of slaves; to be steadfast in prayer, and practice regular charity; to fulfil the contracts which ye have made; and to be firm and patient, in pain (or suffering) and adversity, and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the God-fearing. (The Noble Quran, 2:177)"
There are a lot more Noble Verses that I could add, but I think the above ones are sufficient enough to prove my point.

Remember the story of Prophet Job peace be upon him:
When you are in distress, always remember the story of Prophet Job peace be upon him:
"Commemorate Our Servant Job. Behold he cried to his Lord: 'The Evil One has afflicted me with distress and suffering!' (The Noble Quran, 38:41)"
"....Truly We found Him (i.e., Job) full of patience and constancy, How excellent in Our service! Ever did he turn (to US)! (The Noble Quran, 38:44)"
Prophet Job peace be upon him was put through a very difficult test. He was literally forsaken by Allah Almighty, and he lost all of his money and people, and was afflicted with suffering and disease. That was the kind of test that would cause a believer to lose his faith in Allah Almighty. Job peace be upon him instead stood his ground, and strengthened his faith in Allah Almighty. He took the challenge and accepted it. He didn't waste his time and energy wining and complaining. Instead, he spend his energy trying to make things work through his faith in Allah Almighty and patience.
Allah Almighty rewarded Job peace be upon him at the end:
"And We gave him (back) His people and doubled Their number -- as a Grace From Ourselves, and a thing For commemoration, for all Who have Understanding. (The Noble Quran, 38:43)"
Notice how Allah Almighty is talking to us in this Noble Verse. He is talking to all of those who have understanding; those who have open minds and hearts and are strong in faith. Allah Almighty is telling these people the Wisdom of the story of Job peace be upon him: that at the end they will receive their Great Reward from Allah Almighty.

The reward might not always be in this life. Some rewards are granted at the Day of Judgement:
Depending on your situation and the kind of person you are, Allah Almighty sometimes doesn't reward the believers in life. If Allah Almighty loves a person so much, then He might probably save that person's reward until the Day of Judgement, because it will definetly be much Greater:
"It is not your wealth nor your sons, that will bring you nearer to Us in degree: but only those who believe and work righteousness - these are the ones for whom there is a multiplied Reward for their deeds, while secure they (reside) in the dwellings on high! (The Noble Quran, 34:37)"
"What is the life of this world but play and amusement? But best is the Home In the Hereafter, for those Who are righteous. Will ye not then understand? (The Noble Quran, 6:32)"
"Wealth and sons are allurements of the life of this world: But the things that endure, good deeds, are best in the sight of thy Lord, as rewards, and best as (the foundation for) hopes. (The Noble Quran, 18:46)"
"Nay, seek (Allah's) help With patient perseverance And prayer: It is indeed hard, except To those who bring a lowly spirit -- Who bear in mind the certainty That they are to meet their Lord, And that they are to return to Him. (The Noble Quran, 2:45-46)"
As we clearly see in the above Noble Verses, Allah Almighty doesn't have much regard this life. It is only play and amusement. The real rewards are in the Life after. That's where rewards are "multiplied" and are pleasing to the believers. Believers must not expect much out of this life, because they will "meet their Lord". They must face this life with "patient perseverance and prayer".

My personal Islamic advise:
My advise to those Muslim brothers and sisters who are struggling in life, despite the fact that they are trying their best to please Allah Almighty is as follows:
1- You must always try your honest best with fairness and justice in everything you do. As long as you try your honest best, then you will almost never have regrets nor apologies for wrong doing, because you will almost always be right. However, watch out from developing arrogance and excessive self-confidence by thinking you are always right and perfect, because Allah Almighty said:
"Nor walk on the earth with insolence: for thou can not rend the earth asunder, nor reach the mountains in height. (The Noble Quran, 17:37)"
2- You must not expect much out of this life in anything. As I always say to myself: "No gain in this life is a gain, and no loss in this life is a loss". I only care about doing the right things at the honest best of my ability and I leave it to Allah Almighty to decide the results, outcomes and consequences.
3- Always keep at least a smile on your face no matter how hard your situation is. Even if everything is breaking apart with you, you should at least give this life and the people around you a nice smile to lift up your spirits and to show everyone that you are maintaining you confidence.
4- As Prophet Muhammad said to his best friend and companion Abu Baker Al-Siddiq when he was crying and shaking: "Don't be upset, Allah is with us".

Muslims must always deal with life's issues and problems with patience and perseverance, and must always put their trust in Allah Almighty. The real rewards are not in this life, but in the life after. Those who are facing extremely difficult situations in life should remember the story of Job peace be upon him and how Allah Almighty was pleased with him. They should also know that Allah Almighty has them in such situation for a purpose. They should face the challenge with wisdom, faith and determination. It is quite possible that Allah Almighty will ultimately reward them in life for all of their patience, perseverance and good deeds, but the real rewards are the "multiplied rewards" in the life after.