In the name of Allah our creator , god of Abraham , Moses , Jacob , jesus and all prophets

Abū Sa'id reported the Prophet as saying, “If anyone recites sūra al-kahf (Qur’ān, 18) on Friday, light will shine brightly for him till the next Friday.

Baihaqī transmitted it in [Kitāb] al-Da‘awāt al-kabir.
Reference : Mishkat al-Masabih 2175
In-book reference : Book 8, Hadith 65


Abūd Dardā’ reported God’s messenger as saying, “If anyone learns by heart ten verses at the beginning of sūra al-kahf (Qur’ān, 18) he will be protected from the dajjal*.
Muslim transmitted it.

Reference : Mishkat al-Masabih 2126
In-book reference : Book 8, Hadith 18


*The dajjal:The False Messiah