In the name of allah our creator , god of Abraham , Moses , Jacob ,Jesus and all prophets .

In the early 1920’s in Tuam, Ireland, there existed a group of Roman Catholic nuns known as the Bon Secours Sisters who worked in a cloistered building for unwed mothers that the outside public was not allowed into. The building was functionally a concentration camp where the Catholic Church insisted that unwed Irish Catholic mothers bring their babies to. Once there, the babies were taken by force from the arms of their mothers, and the mother was ejected from the building, never allowed to again see their child.

That child was then raised in a dank, dingy building with 10-foot high walls, sealing them off from prying eyes. Going to the police was a useless exercise as they took orders directly from the Vatican. As you might have already guessed, hundreds of these children were so malnourished and so ill-treated they died at a very early age. The lifeless bodies unceremoniously dumped in a mass grave, Hitler-style, that remained secret until a local journalist decided she needed to know the truth.