To My Friends and Relatives...

Please know that I am sending you this message because I do love you and wish you all the peace and tranquility I enjoy after espousing the Religion of Peace and Love.
I used to be a practicing devout Muslim before a strange event happened to me that overturned my life and led me to a totally different path.
I was barely 16 years old when Jesus came to me in dream. Yes! That is exactly what happened to me that night when I dreamed of myself drowning in a stormy sea that was ruthlessly pushing me with its rampant waves. For my surprise, I saw a man in white standing still on the shore looking at me with his arm crossed. He was more of a "statue" than a real human being. However, I knew him! I definitely knew him. He was Jesus! the prophet of Christians!
Anyhow, I had no other choice except calling for his help otherwise I would have been inevitably dead! However, my deafening scream for help found no response from the man on the shore.
"I know you! I know you helped a lot of people. Why not helping me!' Again, the He did not move while kept looking at me.
"I know you are Jesus the Christ. I believe in you and I know you did raise the dead and cured the ill. Please help me!" This was my final cry.
At that time, and only at that time, the man in white did outstretch his hand to help me out!
I woke up the next morning overwhelmed with confusion and bewilderment. "Oh, God. What was that dream about? God, are you trying to tell me something through that dream?"
For some reason, I did not doubt for a single moment that there was a considerable significance behind that dream. It was by no means a false dream!
I worked my best to get an answer for my strange dream. I consulted a famous local Catholic bishop whose answer was even more confusing than the dream itself.
"Son, it does not matter whether you are Muslim or Christian. What matters is to be a good citizen of this country. After all, Jesus loves all of us!"
Although I was in doubt from the very beginning that the Bishop was afraid on me and, may be, himself from persecution; I decided to go with his solution. I never returned to Islam, neither did I go for Christianity. However after four years of" trying" to become a good person in my life without pursuing any specific spiritual method , I discovered that it is very difficult to do good while you do not have God in your life. Here, I decided to go back to Islam again, as it was the religion I am most familiar with and, by far, the predominantly practiced religion in my country. It was during Ramdhan of that year that I had the vision coming to me again. As if I movie is repeated with all its details and adventures!
This was obviously another message from God. Somebody was trying to tell me something. And the dilemma started once again!
I tried to contact famous dream interpreters among Muslim scholars. Their interpretation was almost invariable: Jesus (or Issa as referred to in Islam) was trying to convince me being a good Muslim!
Frankly speaking, this interpretation meant nothing to me as the dream came to me when I was practicing Islam, and after all, there is no logic behind the idea that Jesus is inviting me to Islam while he is the prophet of what is came to be known as "Christianity"!
After two more years of efforts, I had the chance to know a very knowledgeable young foreigner pastor in my country. It was a real blessing for me to know him. Through him, I came to know the principles of Christianity and understand its core message of love, peace, and "grace". I was totally fascinated and inspired by the idea of "grace" in which God is loved by the virtue of his Divine nature as a loving and caring father. This clearly contrasts with my previous Islamic worship of God based on fear of punishment. As I went deeper into the ************************************ures of the holy bible, I came to discover more and more of the wonders of this religion, always contrasting them with my previous Islamic knowledge and practice.
Today, and for the first time of life, I enjoy worshiping My Lord as a heavenly father rather than an angry and punishing King.
As my previous brothers and friends I beg you consider reading the bible and trying to understand its message. I believe that this is the only solution to cut off the river of blood flowing in our countries for more than 14 centuries.
Brothers and Sisters,
It is time to LOVE and LIVE…
No more Hatred and Death, please!