* Jesus is incarnate god
- jesus was born in such a great miracle from a mother without a father. X adam was created by the hands of god directly without a father or a mother also that makes adam even greater
- jesus has such great miracles to make people alive , ect … ect .. so other prophets made other great miracles.
- Jesus had humans nature .. he was eating .. he felt hungry .. he slept .. he was living like
humans among humans.
- Jesus never claimed that he is GOD and ordered people to worship him .. why god would make this mysterious ? !! he should be so clear and obvious,. It’s a matter of faith .. the basic faith that on it all other rules are built.
- Jesus died for 3 days or 2 days according to Christianity belief .. and god stated in the bible that he shall not die !!! notice the word “shall not” it’s a constant .. why god didn’t make exception ? !! he could easily says GOD shall not die except for the salvation
- it was mentioned in bible that GOD is not a man nor a son of a man (as I told u before god wanted to deny any kind of humanity to himself because he could say god doesn’t lie he is the most honest .. god doesn’t change his mind he is wise .. but he said so to remove any kind of confusion about it)
. Jesus was a man and lived like a man and people could see him normal. But it’s mentioned in the bible no one can see god .. even prophets, they are not able to see god. (they may see light coming from a tree .. they may see angels coming as messengers of god .. but no one sees god or ever saw god)

Final conclusion
1. God is not a man or a son of man X jesus is a man and lived as a man.
2. no one can see god even the prophets X all people saw jesus normally.
3. God shall not die X jesus is dead for some days according to Christian beliefs
4. Jesus never claimed he is god. if he is god why he didn’t clarify this so clearly to people ? !! I am Jesus the God and worship me