Gay Bishops and the Sodomized Church? By Esam Mudeer

Shocking facts from world news media about the historic split of the Anglican Church of UK over gay men of the clergy. Is Islam the last hope for mankind against sodomy? An open talk by Esam Mudeer of Mecca, Arabia in Durban, South Africa [Sat. 29, Sept. 2007].
الاعلامي والباحث في الشأن التنصيري، عصام مدير* يكشف عن خبر الانقسام التاريخي الذي وقع على كيان الكنيسة الانجليكانية في بريطانيا بسبب استفحال الممارسات الجنسية الشاذة على أعلى مستويات قيادات التنصير والكهنوت فيها وما يتوجب على المسلمين اعلانه للنصارى حتى يخلصوا من هذا الوباء الذي اكتسح الكنائس حول العالم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A writer from the Holy City of Makkah (Mecca) and a former relentless journalist who converted to serious blogging. Volunteered in several charity and da`wah organizations as well as Islamic centers for non-Arabs within and outside Saudi Arabia. For the past 20 yrs, he had given lectures and courses to non-Muslims in the U.S.A., South Africa and other countries. Mudeer is a researcher in comparative religion and has participated in dialogues on Islam in the West, refuted misconceptions and false accusations, and has published scientific treatises. He was also among the students of Shaikh

Ahmed Deedat (may Allah have mercy upon him). His publications include the book "A Hypothetical World
After September 11" and "Mecca in the Bible". He participated in the launch of the IQRA' satellite channel in 1998 and is the founder and director of an Islamic publishing, distribution and programming House in Jeddah, since Dec. 2005.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
مدونة التنصير فوق صفيح ساخن
- القناة المرئية.
اشراف عصام مدير - من تلاميذ الشيخ أحمد ديدات رحمه الله.